Art of living, passionate adventure and French know-how

Payote is a young brand of espadrilles born in Perpignan, between the freshness of the Pyrenees and the scents of the Mediterranean. Created by Olivier Gelly, a young connected entrepreneur, Payote is the improbable meeting between two worlds to reinvent an ancestral product by giving it a breath of modernity. Inspiration, present in all collections, is an initiation to discoveries. A certain vision of the art of daily living. We combine the art of color without neglecting the comfort of simple and natural materials, promising you a quality product made in France.

A false start that gives a nice idea

It's a false start that gives Olivier a big idea: he goes to work with a pair of mismatched espadrilles, one in 41 and one in 43. In the evening, he decides to personalize his pair with paint, colors and markers so as not to confuse her anymore. Once at his feet, he is a hit the next day with customers. It was this little anecdote that gave him the idea of ​​launching his own brand of espadrilles. Without money aside, the Payote adventure begins with a first stock purchased thanks to the sale of Olivier's car.

Why Payote?

Payote, the name chosen, is a nod to the region where the brand was born. It was by hearing a child coming out of a Catalan school and asking for his teddy bear by calling it “pellote” that Olivier found his inspiration. In Catalan, “pellote” means “rag”, children commonly use this word to designate their stuffed toy. Payote has another meaning under its sole: written differently, “paillote”, is a small beach hut reminiscent of summer. Perfect to recall the brand's flagship product which are French espadrilles.

One small step for man, a big step for the oceans

We have chosen to make our products more responsible by adapting them to environmental issues. Creating products from eco-sourced materials is our way of getting involved in the fight against waste. By choosing recycled fabrics, we limit our environmental impact and enhance existing materials. This is a major issue which constitutes the common thread of our development.

From idea to your feet

Transparency is the watchword for establishing a relationship of trust offering you a unique guarantee of quality. From the idea to the finished product, we share with you all the stages of creating our products. Our close collaboration with the artisans of Mauléon guarantees you espadrilles made according to an ancestral process in the heart of a small workshop. The manufacture of Payote requires a unique technique resulting from know-how passed down for three generations. Noble materials, elaborate finishes, great attention to detail... So many elements ensuring creations that are as qualitative as they are aesthetic.

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