Recycled materials are our future. Integrating them into our products is a major challenge for our brand. Our goal is to offer you an eco-responsible alternative to conventional products.


Every year, 8 million tonnes of waste are dumped into our seas and oceans. More and more initiatives have been put in place at the state level to stem this phenomenon, but they are far from sufficient given the extent of the damage. Raising public awareness of this alarming reality is at the heart of our concerns.

  • 80%

    marine waste
    come from the earth.

  • 600000

    Tons of plastic waste are dumped into the Mediterranean Sea every year.

  • 24

    million tonnes of plastic waste are produced by the 22 countries of the Mediterranean region.

Waste collection at the mouth of Barcarès. 10 tonnes of waste collected. 300 people gathered.


To take action against this scourge, we have teamed up with SEAQUAL, a Spanish company whose mission is to clean up the oceans by transforming marine waste into eco-designed fiber. Plastic waste is collected in the nets of a fleet of partner fishermen and then sorted, classified and transformed into PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) granules at a specialized site in Spain. Polyethylene Terephthalate is a 100% recyclable plastic material used in the manufacture of various everyday products such as food packaging, plastic bottles and clothing fibers. Seaqual uses PET to make a high-quality yarn that makes up the fiber of its fabrics.

Always looking for more eco-responsibility, their project strongly resonated with our values. We have built a relationship of trust with them to fight together for fashion that is more respectful of the planet.

One more step towards eco-responsibility

Combining SEAQUAL's expertise with our passion for French craftsmanship, we are creating the first espadrille in recycled canvas from waste from the Mediterranean. Beyond the choice of material, we worked on a pattern that would pay homage to the marine ecosystem: a deep blue canvas adorned with pretty whales. This alternative to classic espadrilles allows us to take a step towards more eco-responsibility while keeping the Payote signature: comfortable materials, an original canvas and the quality of French know-how.

The Phoenix Project /

Eco-responsible approach /

« The best waste - it's the one we don't produce »

Our eco-responsible project continued to develop in winter 2020 with the launch of our first eco-designed slippers. These slippers are made in France from cotton fibers that come from used clothing. Named “Phoenix” in a nod to the mythical animal, they offer a “second life” to clothes that would normally have ended up in the trash. This is a small step closer to production focused on the recovery of our waste to limit our ecological impact and raise awareness in our community of the issues.

I want mine

Nothing “pairs” everything is transformed

Are your Payotes worn out? Don't think that their lives end at your feet! Our eco-responsible commitment has led us to dig deep to find a sustainable solution to waste production. Successful challenge: we will soon give your Payote a second life! Thanks to the “One Step Ahead” project, everyone will be one step ahead of their waste production by thinking ahead about the end of the life of their espadrilles. The principle is simple: once your Payote is exhausted, we send you a delivery note so that you can return them to us.

After receipt, they will be sent to our partner center to be disassembled. All the materials that make them up will be recycled: the jute will be used to make insulation for houses, the rubber will be used to create floor mats and the fabric will be reborn in multiple forms such as cushion filling, tablecloths, thermal insulation... A simple and effective way to limit our waste production and to enhance the small Payote at the end of their life. This true “virtuous circle of the espadrille” allows us to involve all our customers in our eco-responsible adventure.

Grape leather /

New vintage /

“Let go of the bunch of daisy ! »

Jean-Louis, the first grape leather espadrille.

This model summons the scents of an exceptional territory as well recognized for its grape cultivation as for its artisanal know-how. Result: an espadrille imbued with poetry which reveals a story marked by the scents of vines bathed in the Mediterranean sun. A vintage to savor all year round.

I want my pair!

Limit as much as possible our carbon footprint

Limiting our carbon footprint as much as possible also involves our packaging. 100% recyclable and made in France, our packaging is fully in line with our sustainable approach. To limit our waste production, we have chosen a partner who shares our values ​​by prioritizing recycled materials. In accordance with this responsible initiative, we are sharing some ideas for reusing our packaging in a fun way: table football, wine box, sock box... Everything is good to save waste from the trash!

Discover our recycled sneakers

Limiting our environmental impact is fundamental. we work to leave a positive footprint on the planet without compromising on the comfort of our products.

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