Know-how perpetuated by passionate craftsmen for three generations... we work in close collaboration with our Mauléon workshop to offer you quality products made locally.

French made

All our espadrilles are made in a family workshop in Mauléon, the capital of Soule in the Basque Country. From cutting the canvas through gluing to sewing the label, each step is carried out in this workshop in the hands of passionate craftsmen. Continuing an ancestral tradition, the manufacturing of our espadrilles is done with respect for artisanal know-how. Created more than 150 years ago, this human-scale workshop demonstrates great mastery of all stages of espadrille assembly.
Carefully selected, our materials are fully part of a responsible approach: recycled cotton for our plain espadrilles, vegetable ink to dye our canvases, natural rope for all our insoles and recycled rubber for the exterior. . We have also chosen modern nylon thread sewing for all our products to offer them better resistance and more durability.

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France at your feet

Manufacturing in France is not just a question of know-how. This is a requirement to value our employees and guarantee their well-being. A fair salary, paid leave, a healthy and safe working environment, not all workers in the textile industry have access to what is obvious to us. Thanks to our close cooperation with our partner workshop, we can directly ensure that all these conditions are met.

We voluntarily chose to work with a small family factory on a human scale. Sharing the same values, we have been able to establish a relationship of trust with our collaborators in order to bring you the best of their know-how.

Manufacturing locally has also allowed us to create 12 jobs in 4 years in addition to the 14 people we employ indirectly in the Mauléon-Licharre workshop.


4 million. This is the average number of espadrilles sold in France each year. And yet, at present, only 800,000 pairs are manufactured in our country, the rest coming from China and Bangladesh.
Beyond perpetuating French know-how, we have given ourselves the mission of relocalizing it. For us, it is not only a question of producing locally but above all of having a positive impact on our environment by innovating and upgrading French industry.

This “repatriation” will obviously take place gradually because we do not currently have the production units necessary to meet the significant demand. It is therefore a real investment in research and development because we have to rethink the entire process of manufacturing our espadrilles.

Automate part of the tasks, innovate in terms of machines, we are considering all possibilities in order to be able to manufacture in larger quantities while respecting the artisanal and local character of the espadrille.
The objective of this company is to combine technological progress with the talent of French artisans so that the French espadrille regains its rightful place. We are working to ensure that one day the 4 million pairs sold in France no longer come from abroad.

Transparency is the watchword for establishing a relationship of trust offering you a guarantee of unique quality . From the idea to the finished product, we share with you all the stages of creating our products.

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