Payote quoted in the book “How did you do it?”

Payote citée dans le livre "Comment t'as fait ?"
When you are mega proud and honored to be quoted in the book entitled “How did you do it?” by Julien Hatton!
Me, in a book?
Come on, let me tell you!
THE August 1, 2021, I receive an email from a certain “Julien Hatton” telling me:
"Hello Olivier, I'm really interested in your career and what you're doing with Payote: Available for a video so you can tell me all about it?"
But who is Julien Hatton?
  • An entrepreneur and podcast creator based on stories from inspiring entrepreneurs...
A podcast! It's what ?
  • A podcast is an audio file intended to be listened to at home, in the office or on transport.
Here we go !
Appointment made!

We chat for more than an hour with an open heart recounting my checkered journey, my academic failures, my wonderful encounters, my banking ban, my doubts, my inspirations, my best laughs, the management of the covid crisis and the death of my dad...
More than a year later, following the experience I shared with him in the “How did you do it?” podcast, I find myself in this great book.
A book that will help you discover great professional adventures and surely “gain years of experience” whether or not you want to enter the world of entrepreneurship.
Thank you Julien and congratulations to your team!
Thanks to my team, friends, families!
Thank you to YOU ​​who have supported me from the beginning...
The adventure goes on... ❤️
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